Additional Information

Everyone goes through difficult times, that’s why we are all unique individuals with different experiences which have shaped us in to who we are.

Sometimes these events leave us a little more empty or lost than before.

Despite setbacks, misfortune or self-doubt, with help everyone can live the kind of life they want.

We are all different and so therapy should be as individual as you are.

Where are you?

When you are struggling to find a path or make sense of your world it can be a very unhappy and painful place.

The fear and confusion about what you have been through or are feeling can be painful, terrifying, lonely and persistent. 

We have specialists in counselling:



Sexual abuse and rape

Domestic abuse and violence

Narcissistic relationships

Sexual issues


We can help you to 

  • Overcome mental illness, distress or frustrations,
  • Find your own solutions and fresh perspectives,
  • Come to terms with events and situations,
  • Recover from trauma and abuse,
  • Find more meaning in your life,
  • Have more positive thoughts and feelings,
  • Feel more open to new experiences and less anxious about the future,
  • Be less vulnerable to life’s challenges, and more effective in problem-solving,
  • Be more confident in how you relate to other people,
  • Live by your own values, feeling more in control of your life
  • Undo negative thought patterns which keep you back
  • You have tremendous capacity to grow beyond your current difficulties, provided that you have a suitable environment in which to explore and understand what is happening, on your own terms. 
  • We can help provide this safe environment with complete confidentiality and trust.

Our qualified and experienced counsellors can help you or your loved ones to find the peace of mind and stability we all  need in order to be our true selves, free of the past traumas or  persistent thoughts

We practice integrative counselling including Person centred which allows our Clients the freedom to examine whatever issues are causing concern in a safe and supportive environment.

Psychodynamic counselling which can shed light on the relationships you have built and what patterns are helpful and which are unhelpful, this is particularly useful with childhood and parental issues as well as how we see the world.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is used to treat many issues such as:




Social anxiety

General anxiety



If you think we can help then contact us now for a consultation.

Prices for counselling

After an initial consultation by phone an appointment can be arranged, in general we would meet with you once a week for an hour, the duration of your counselling is up to you and will generally come to a natural conclusion. This counselling service costs £40 per week.

Concessions available for members of the emergency services.